Language Resources

I spend a lot of time on the internet idly browsing for language resources and seeing what other people use. So here’s a list of resources I personally like and use.

General Language Learning:



  • Mandarin Corner (She has lot of good videos for people breaking through the beginner intermediate stage, when they’re able to bootstrap themselves past solely relying on a formal course and can do some self study. Watch the videos where she just walks around places – she talks at a slow pace and tries to keep her speech uncomplicated to accommodate learners. Useful series for undirected learning.)
  • Learn Chinese With Rita (Just found this one recently, but her series on American accents when speaking Mandarin was enlightening)
  • Happy Chinese (Only ever watched about half of it, but good for like intermediate learners who want more listening input. The show is catered to language learners, so they tend to talk slower too.)
  • Growing up with Chinese (Also supposed to be good for beginners, haven’t watched too many episodes though. Apparently that host is some pretty famous guy in China.)


  • Buzzfeed India ( I haven’t vetted this, but my tutor recommended it)
  • Netflix India (Same)
  • Tanya Khajinow (I like watching travel videos – she also uses a lot of English with bursts of Hindi, at which point I will point at the screen, mouth slightly agape, and go, “uh. khaana. I know that one word.”)


  • Comprehensible Thai (I was browsing my newly uploaded videos from my subscribed channels list and saw one of their videos, which sent me down the Comprehensible Input kick. I have no idea how I found this channel in the first place though)


  • Comprehensible Russian (Haven’t vetted this one too heavily yet – just bumped into it as I was looking for more comprehensible input resources. Seems good to so far though)